Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And we're off!

Today marks the third official day of the inclusion mission. Things are slowly falling into place and students are off and running with their work. I have spent my time finding my students in our database and matching them on spreadsheets with classes and teachers. I'm hoping this makes it easier to find information when I need it throughout the year.

As we're trying to fine tune our system so that it works with inclusion, I've been thinking about what inclusion is and how that will fit with an online classroom. As far as I know, inclusion in an online classroom is a relatively new concept and I have yet to come across other examples of it through my Google searches (although there very well could be some out there!). Working with the general ed teachers should be no problem. We can chat and email and easily plan together if we need to. But the nature of inclusion is to involve the student.

So what does that mean? Well, I'm a little short on answers for that right now! I'll be finding more and more as time goes on. The one thing I do know is that any student needs to be involved with other students to be "included." If there's no social interaction, there's definitely no social benefits. If it's just the student and the teachers, it's really not a class, is it? I'll keep thinking (and searching) and get back to you.

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