Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Cheat Sheets

Not bad rhyming for a math teacher! Anyway, I was very happy about the progress of the last week. I have worked with two, count'em, two students. I know that might not seem like a big deal, but I feel like a teacher again and that feels good. While working with the two students, I learned a lot about things we're going to need for this to work.

First of all, I actually need a classroom. We have an amazing program called Elluminate that allows teachers to have individual virtual classrooms. We can talk, text chat, use a two way whiteboard, and even share desktops in real time. It's unbelievably effective. And no fun to do without. Luckily, my supervisor is very generous and let me borrow hers. Hopefully I'll get my own soon! It's amazing how many little technical things you don't think of when you're planning. Every day I realize I need added to another list or given access to another thing.

Secondly, I need to build a library of cheat sheets! I have to mention before I get much farther, I find these very improperly named. I don't know of anyone who thinks of cheating in a good way. But I also don't know of any teacher who wouldn't want their students to utilize well organized notes while they are working. Ok, so some teachers may want the students to take the notes themselves. No biggie, just cover them in class and have the student take the notes.

In that light, the search is on! So far I've found two that I really like. One of them came from the test prep section of Cliffnotes. I highly suggest perusing that part of the site. It is full of resources for students in every subject. Great little "cheat sheets." But in a good way :)

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